Types of Pumpkin Carving, Ranked

  1. 1.
    a classic, adorable, everyone can do it, very festive
  2. 2.
    creative, pumpkinception
    very cute, looks like a dad made it and the kids loved it, kinda weird how you're trying to upstage your kids at carving pumpkins though
  3. 3.
    we get it, you spent like 5 hours carving a pumpkin. actually you probably carved half a dozen pumpkins because theres no way you did this on the first try. you have too much time on your hands
  4. 4.
    trendy and topical
    if i was trick or treating and i saw this pumpkin i would assume you are handing out full size candy bars. do not disappoint
  5. 5.
    do not do this i hate this oh my god i hate it so much i'm going to have nightmares