1. pancakes
    butter only
  2. popcorn
    extra butter or with chocolate
  3. steak
    medium rare with steak sauce
  4. pickles
    straight from the jar
  5. baked potatoes
    with just butter and salt or with cheese bacon etc. NO SOUR CREAM THOUGH
  6. coffee
    lots of cream and sugar or better yet flavored creamer
  7. oreos
    cream first because it's the worst part and then the cookies
  8. french fries
    just salt. sometimes tartar sauce if it's available
  9. shrimp
    grilled and in a fajita
  10. corn on the cob
    in long rows because if you eat it around doesn't the butter get all over your chin?
  11. watermelon
    cubes with salt
  12. asparagus
    pickled (shout out to my grandma)
  13. rice
    any way it comes to me
  14. carrots
    i don't