1. so neptune (the love of my life) always warbles into his mirror and we think he is lonely
    look at this majestic asshole
  2. so @feminist and i decided to get him a friend
    we decided like 2 hours ago and here we are
  3. we went to all the pet stores in town and we finally found the prettiest parakeet of them all
  4. this is nova
  5. we think she is a baby girl
  6. we have to quarantine her in this BIRD MANSION we bought for 30 days before neptune can move in
  7. but she is so beautiful and i can already tell she is gonna be a sweetheart
    we also are hoping she is a bit friendlier than neptune to encourage him to play outside his cage more but only time will tell
  8. neptune and nova have already sang along to my chemical romance across the room
    prob many more lists to come. also ashley and i have never had birds before so this is an adventure for us all
  10. SO i realized that i am going home this weekend so my birds had to meet way earlier. we don't think nova is sick so it should be fine??? cross ur fingers
  11. so now a bunch of pics of my birds being best friends
  12. Static
  13. Static
  14. Static
  15. Static
  16. Static
    bonus pic of the bb climbing a ladder
  17. also nova has gone on my finger like 5 times already shes so SMART what a STAR
  18. just an update on the two best friends in the world
  19. 💔💔💔