tis the season
  1. my friends
    a very cliche way to begin this list but i am so very thankful that i have made such a tight group of friends in college. a lot of it was luck because we were all randomly assigned last year to our dorm hallway. salt squad 4ever
  2. being able to go to college
    my parents could not afford to go to a four year university or stay in any sort of dorms and i am thankful to have this opportunity that i am trying to make the most of
  3. jimmy johns
  4. my family
    my family is really great and i love them and blah blah you know the drill
  5. all cats
    thank you for being you
  6. my house
    i've lived in the same house my whole life and i like it. it's not haunted and it's keeping me dry in this rainstorm
  7. my upbringing
    i got to grow up in a safe town with parents who tried to give me every experience possible and for that i am grateful
  8. list app
    not even joking though you guys are wonderful and i'm thankful for your lists and the fact that you read mine