What's the Earliest Thing You Can Remember?

  1. the earliest thing i can remember is what i'm 80% sure was a dream.
    i remember waking up from a nap and going into my living room and my parents were standing on either side of the couch. they handed me my blanket and i went back to sleep.
  2. Going to a liquor store with my mom when I was 3
    Suggested by   @samanthastone
  3. Walking down the stairs of my grandparents house to meet my dad so he could take me to the hospital to see my new sister 👧🏾👶🏽
    Suggested by   @sabrinakristine
  4. Several times when I was 3, my mom and I bought "I love you!" cards to give to my brother when we picked him up from preschool (he was 4).
    Suggested by   @grace57
  5. My great-grandfather's funeral when I was 4. I was scared when the guns went off. He was a WWII vet.
    Suggested by   @nervesofscared
  6. My preschool lunchbox. It was built like a briefcase but made of clear blue plastic. I remember staying home sick one day and eating my packed lunch out of it. The sandwich was jam, I think.
    Suggested by   @kaitmaree
  7. Crawling around the floor of a synagogue under people's chairs, vaguely aware that I could do that since I was a baby
    Suggested by   @LevNovak
  8. Eating crackers while watching Star Trek when I was 2!
    Suggested by   @olivharr
  9. Driving to the hospital to pick up my baby sister. I was 2yrs, 9mo. But actually, I think I remember staying home with my grandfather the day before so my dad could go be with my mom. My baby is 8 mo old now, and it's the most amazing time for @jakebrandman and me - soooo weird to know Evan won't remember any of it!!!!
    Suggested by   @Jac
  10. Going to the mall with my grandparents while my little brother was being born. I was almost three. I've found a lot of people's earliest memories involve the birth of a younger sibling!
    Suggested by   @katiesham
  11. Going to my own baptism and knocking the flowers str8 outta the pastor's hand no fucks given
    Suggested by   @trixie
  12. Getting the leotard and tights for my ballet class when I was 3.
    I remember how feminine and precious these things felt, how grown up. I also got a pink plastic storage box with a ballerina on the front, and I can still remember the feel and smell of that plastic. (I quit after the second class.)
    Suggested by   @DG
  13. I was sitting outside in a blow up pool with my younger cousin. I was about 2 and I was hiding all the pool toys that she showed any interest in by lifting up the edge of the pool and shoving them underneath, leaving a mysterious trail of lumps around the edge of the pool.
    To be fair, I was an only child at that point & sharing was a concept that was brand new to me.
    Suggested by   @jpbateson
  14. A dream-like sequence of my mom floating above the sand as she ran to hug me. I was 2 1/2 & hadn't seen her for 3 months.
    Suggested by   @MichaelRose
  15. We were at a daycare and I was about 3 and pushed a girl off the table we were sitting on because she pushed my one year old sister first. Oops.
    Suggested by   @H
  16. Sitting on my deck in the summer during an air show. Our house was directly under the flight plan, so I was wearing construction earmuffs to block out the super loud jets.
    Suggested by   @daniellesmale
  17. Being in my crib
    I was always a night owl. I could pull myself up. I could only say the word "turtle," and I actually had a turtle. Just being wide awake at night and kinda scared, while simultaneously trying to escape the crib, which I did, eventually.
    Suggested by   @duchess
  18. Seeing my baby sister crawling towards me.
    She was only wearing a diaper and her diaper looked HUGE. Like a big, padded butt. I must have been 3.
    Suggested by   @Veronique