What's Your Favorite Coffee Mug?

everyone has a coffee mug they like drinking out of a little bit more than all the rest.
  1. mine is this canada mug i got for my mom in toronto
  2. I don't know who brought it to work but I'm making it mine
    Suggested by   @aida
  3. Operation!
    Suggested by   @andlamb
  4. My cauldron
    Suggested by   @shanaz
  5. Disneyland!
    Suggested by   @lesleyann
  6. My huge summer camp mug
    Suggested by   @julieuhls
  7. This Tigger one because it is huge and can fit an entire package of Ramen in it 😂👍
    Suggested by   @faith9
  8. I don't drink coffee, only Drake tears
    Suggested by   @treezus
  9. Shakespearean insults mug
    Will probably list these insults by how badly I want to use them, plus it's a good size—just slightly wider than most mugs.
    Suggested by   @LizDawson
  10. Harry Potter!
    Suggested by   @hannazoeo
  11. This Gilmore inspired mug
    Suggested by   @kates08
  12. Birchbark mug
    Made by Minnesota potter Lenore Lampi and purchased on vacation in Grand Marais. I love using it but fear breaking it!
    Suggested by   @ladyprofessor
  13. My Office mug
    Bought with the sole purpose of using it as a personal pen receptacle. ;)
    Suggested by   @rulesofjinx
  14. My New York mug
    I bought it at a random souvenir shop when I was interviewing for med schools in NY. I ended up going to a different school, but used this mug all through med school and residency anyway. It gave me warm caffeinated hugs when I needed it most!
    Suggested by   @TT
  15. This mug I stole from starbucks
    The one perk from working at Starbucks 3 years ago was occasionally getting to take home damaged merchant. This is the most perfect weight/size.
    Suggested by   @mlrly_
  16. My friend got me this mug when on a trip to California. It was made by a local artist and bears a picture of her own pet cat, Julian. The cat body winds around the back of the mug and the handle is the cat's tail.
    Suggested by   @PawneeGoddess
  17. This one's for tea
    From the M & M store in NYC. It's chunky and holds a lot of tea and makes me smile - though it does keep tea too hot to drink for quite a while...
    Suggested by   @bookishclaire
  18. My West Bay Diner mug
    It's hefty and the handle feels perfect. It's also one of my favorite places to eat.
    Suggested by   @bethanypark
  19. My Today I'm Reading mug 😊
    Suggested by   @srsharms
  20. My donut mug made by a local potter is my current favorite.
    It has one gold donut on it!
    Suggested by   @femme_feminist
  21. Troy and Abed in the Morning
    How can you go wrong with a real mug from a fake tv show from a real tv show?
    Suggested by   @ramivaa