i always like hearing the stories of how people got their names so you should tell me! i'll start...
  1. my middle name is jean which came from both of my grandmas (jean and donna jean)
  2. My name is Eva! My parents just picked it out of the baby name book. But my sister is named Ona which is an old family name that has been passed down for many generations.
    Suggested by @evak
  3. My older sister (3 at the time) was told she could choose. She had a best friend in pre school who was named Kelly. This was good enough for my parents apparently!!!!
    Suggested by @kellydehoop
  4. Mine comes from a French song called Elisa by Serge Gainsbourg. My parents dropped the first E because they preferred the short version
    Fun fact : 1. Serge Gainsbourg is one of the most famous French songwriter/singer and I ended being a big fan of him. Like VERY fan. 2. He does mention just Lisa in song when he speak about "my hair's jungle" AND MY HAIR ARE TOTALLY LIKE THAT.
    Suggested by @Lisa_Fav
  5. Mine comes from a Danielle Steele novel, "Season of Passion." 😳🙃
    The main character is named Kaitlin/Kate. My mom read it when she was 16 and had never heard the name before, so decided then and there her future daughter would be named Kaitlyn (straying a bit from DS for originality!). Ten years later, when I was born, every other mom decided to name their daughter Kaitlyn/Kaitlin/Caitlin/Katelyn/Katelynne/ETC. 🙄
    Suggested by @kait
  6. Apparently I'm named after someone deeply unpleasant in Dostoevsky. Possibly from The Idiot. Sigh.
    Suggested by @katya
  7. Shanaz
    My father named me. It's an Iranian name meaning A Kings Pride (internet says)or Beautiful Flower (my mom says)- I'm not sure which is correct!
    Suggested by @shanaz
  8. Tsu Fei (literally translated to comfort jade)
    My Chinese name was picked by the great aunts on my dads side. But my mum decided on the English spelling and added "a silent T on the front". Chinese speakers always pronounce it as Zoo, English speakers, T-Sue :/
    Suggested by @estherlimtf
  9. My parents were sure I was going to be a boy so just changed Alexander to Alexandra when I was born. My middle name is India because it's where my mum was when she found out she was pregnant!
    Suggested by @alexim
  10. Isabelle
    my parents couldn't decide on a name but they were both reading Isabel Allende at the time & my grandma said "add a couple letters and you're onto something"
    Suggested by @aesthetic
  11. The Beach Boys song.
    You know the one, "Help Me, Rhonda". My dad really liked that song. My mom really wanted Amanda but my dad won. I'm one of the youngest Rhondas I know. Most were born 15-20 years before me. Can't picture myself as an Amanda, though.
    Suggested by @rulesofjinx
  12. My middle name is Patricia
    It's also my mum's middle name and the first name of both my grandmothers
    Suggested by @daniellesmale
  13. There was a short lived TV show on at the time named Savannah and my mom was watching it right before she gave birth and it stuck with her. My name before that point was going to be Michelle, which then became my middle name.
    Suggested by @SavannahRidout
  14. Caroline is my grandmother's first name and my middle name, Turner, is my other grandmother's maiden name.
    Suggested by @element75
  15. Other blonde chick from Three's Company
    My parents let my auntie choose my name. She really liked the name 'Jenilee' because she saw it under the credits of the tv show "Three's Company". Jenilee Harrison played Cindy.
    Suggested by @jenilee
  16. "Lauren" by Ralph Lauren perfume
    My mom wore it for years, but when she was pregnant with me, it made her sick. She loved the name so I have it!
    Suggested by @sloney
  17. My name came from the Family Ties sitcom
    Suggested by @trashboat
  18. My name, Ross, means one who comes from a specific region in Scotland. Sad face.
    Suggested by @misterweisman
  19. Like Alex above, Eric became Erika when I turned out to be a girl instead of the boy my parents were expecting. With a "k" to confuse future Starbucks baristas.
    Suggested by @ebsquared
  20. Named for Uncle Frank, killed in action in Korea, 1953
    He was my Dad's little brother and bestie. I was going to be a true namesake, Francis Aloysius, if I was a boy. I'm female, so they went with Frances Mary.
    Suggested by @lambikins