1. i live in michigan which didn't allow gay marriage before the supreme court ruling
    which is like so embarrassing for michigan
  2. i was helping my dad in his wood shop
  3. we were carrying a large cabinet to his truck
  4. he was listening to the radio on his phone with earbuds in
  5. he just looked at me and said hey guess what
  6. gay marriage just got legalized
  7. i was really happy
  8. i thought about how weird it will be to tell my kids how i can remember when gay marriage wasn't legal and how i was in a same sex relationship when it was legalized
  9. i texted my girlfriend the news because she didn't hear yet
  10. the next day her dad asked her if we went and got married
    we didn't even though i think my parents were thinking the same thing
  11. 🇺🇸🌈💖