Inspired by @hannah_rachel
  1. we gotta go back to second semester of my freshman year
  2. my long time best friend/relatively new girlfriend attempts suicide for the first time
    is this story like old news yet i know i talk about it every day of my gdamn life
  3. she goes to a psych hospital and i am left alone 2 hours from home at a school we intentionally went to together
  4. i go to the counseling center because i feel like i should? i didn't know what to do
    no one ever tells you what to do in this situation!!!!
  5. the counselor told me to manage my anxiety maybe i should imagine myself on a beach
    real talk though i have gone many times to the counseling center over the past 2 years and seen like half of the counselors and they usually end up making me feel stupid
  6. that is why now when i am in a similar situation to freshman year, i opt to try to deal with it alone
    i have come up with many more tools for this in the past 2 years because it's not like this hasn't become a common occurance
  7. this list got emo
    but SO DID I
  8. ps i know the counseling center helps lots of people i just don't think i have had very good experiences there