1. by no restrictions i am assuming i have unlimited funds and laws don't apply to me and i can teleport
  2. so, the first thing i would do is get a big cooler and go to jimmy johns and fill the cooler with my favorite sandwich so that i can freeze them and eat them when i DON'T have unlimited funds
  3. next, i would teleport to to florida, say hi to my favorite aunt, and then i would go to epcot and ride soarin' a couple times
    i would also buy a churro
  4. then i would teleport into the secret rooms of the white house and read the files that say whether or not there are aliens
  5. then i would teleport home and get my drivers license without taking the road test and the dmv is open because their dumb hours don't apply to me
  6. i would also teleport to wherever pete holmes lives and be on his podcast
    who cares if i'm not famous or interesting enough. NO RESTRICTIONS
  7. finally, i would teleport to nyc and see snl
    dress AND air