Youtube Women I Love

Inspired by @lesbian. i spend much time on youtube
  1. sarah rae vargas
    plus size fashion hauls of all kinds and sex/relationship advice
  2. qcknd
    she mainly talks about tattoos and i'm in love with her?
  3. just between us
    gaby dunn and allison raskin answer questions about relationships usually and sometimes they do like sketches
  4. the fashion citizen
    sisters melissa and stephanie talk about fashion and thrifty home diys and also make weekly vlogs
  5. the sorry girls
    canadian bffs do diys like really cool diys I LOVE DIYS
  6. alayna fender (missfenderr)
    makes videos about bisexuality and mental health and also sometimes the sims and ALWAYS CATS
  7. rachel whitehurst
    has a series called bye biphobia and also talks about makeup and is generally cool as shit
  8. thriftthick
    super honest makeup reviews i trust everything cassie says because shes never being paid to say it and also thrift hauls
  9. ellko
    ellie tries beauty hacks and and also videos on self confidence and shes so cute god
  10. love teacup kisses
    really relaxing timelapse videos of her drawing i love it so much
  11. coolirpa
    makes ugly thrifted stuff into cute thrifted stuff and it's amazing
  12. diyannika
    does an amazing job recreating trendy fashion things for cheap and also talks about living with a chronic illness
  13. i subscribe to so many more but i will stop here for now