Someone must have done some real bad shit for God to bless this earth with southern frat boys whose combined IQs probably hit 98. These are all real things I have heard or been told
  1. You'd be prettier if you were white
  2. Did you know Obama funds ISIS? That's what the Hillary scandal is about
  3. Yo can I wear my chubbies with bean boots?
  4. I'd slam her but I'd have to put a bag on her head first
  5. The chlamydia was so worth the bang dude
  6. *says I am from Columbia, SC* oh! So how was immigrating from South America?
  7. Your bow tie is so dank, what a bro
  8. So you say you're American....but you're brown skinned....
  9. I've gotten laid so many times thanks to my Southern Tide bedsheets