You need to sleep when your newborn is sleeping. Get over it people, not happening. Here's why. The perfect moment when you see your little bundle slip into dreamy sleep is immediately followed with the items that have been consuming your mind during wake time. Here's just a clip.
  1. Deodorant, did I put it on yet? Yes, maybe not, what the heck I need more anyway.
  2. See above, replace with brushing teeth
  3. I can get a load of laundry in
  4. Empty the dishwasher, must empty the dishwasher
  5. Ok I'll try to put my head down
  6. Wait, he's been asleep for almost an hour, I should pump...
  7. Time to eat something, I'm starving
  8. Oh those medical bills need to get paid, I'll try to get them done now
  9. Annnnd the billing dept is on a 1.5 hour lunch, nice
  10. Need to schedule some appointments too, guess that should wait till after lunch, I'll get the phone numbers ready
  11. Move load from washer to dryer
  12. Put lunch dishes in empty dishwasher
  13. Lay down and find something boring on tv
  14. Start to drift, baby stirs
  15. Drift further, baby passes gas
  16. Dead asleep, baby wakes up and wails for some grub
  17. Feed and then repeat