i adore everything about the beatles and they will always hold a special place in my heart. here are a few of my favorites (will most likely continually update because i love them so much)
  1. and i love her
    it's so simple and perfect.
  2. you're gonna lose that girl
    one of the first songs i remember listening to when i discovered the beatles.
  3. a day in the life
    johns part is so deep and gorgeous. paul's part is so fun and pretty. one of my top 3s.
  4. something
    i can't even describe this one. i have a little extra love for it.
  5. baby it's you
    i'm pretty sure i heard some guys covering this song in the subway one night and that memory is forever burned into my head. i love it.
  6. i should've known better
    i used to cover this one on the guitar all the time. one of my favorites to play.
  7. i saw her standing there
    used to cover this one on the guitar all the time and my friends would sing along and harmonize. beautiful memories.
  8. here, there, and everywhere
    i always get a cute little feeling when i hear this. i remember when i was a teenager and it was a rainy day and i was in the back of my parents car, going to dinner, and this song came on and made me feel so nice and comforted.
  9. i will
    paul's voice in this... i can't even explain it.
  10. golden slumbers
    i always picture paul slammin' the keys on the piano, pouring his heart out in his beautiful beard-era. always gets me.
  11. real love
    this one definitely holds a special, special place in my heart. discovered this gem in my peak beatles-super obsessed era. always makes me feel something.