i like eating sometimes..
  1. canolis
    my guilty pleasure. the best dessert there is.
  2. burritos
    whether it's from chipotle, moes, or green cactus, i don't discriminate. 9/10 a burrito from anywhere is going to be delicious.
  3. chicken wonton tacos
    i admit, i didn't really like them when i tried them one time, but i recently got them and changed my mind about them. they're really good and small and they go super fast, and i can't stop thinking about them.
  4. honey bbq boneless wings
    i don't even have to explain this one..
  5. rainbow ice
    it's such a classic and it may seem boring but it's so simplistic and tasty.
  6. twix
    my favorite candy bar to ever exist.
  7. mozzarella balls
    mozzarella sticks are good but mozzarella balls... a whole other ball game
  8. dark chocolate
  9. guacamole
    just a never ending supply of guac, please.
  10. baked beans
    such a classic summer food. my favorite.
  11. rocky road ice
  12. pretzels
    specifically, pretzel nuggets. and even big hot pretzels, but it's rare when i have those. pretzels are my go-to snack and there's nothing better.