1. When people are staring at me
    I can feel someones eyes burning through me and they're probably looking at something near me but most of the time they're not and it makes me super aware of everything i'm doing and then i act like a robot and eventually i malfunction and melt and the cleaning crew mops me up.
  2. when drivers are riding my ass
    i notice this way too much and even though i generally hate when people are driving, even just a little too close to me, i hate when i can't see their bumper when they're behind me at a red light or a stop sign. my cousin and my friend both do this and i can't understand it. it gives me anxiety and pisses me off.
  3. when school buses go through a yellow light that's about to turn red
    i mean, even if you're not carrying a bus full of students, aren't school buses supposed to be like the staple among safe, rational driving? okay, yes, we all go through yellow lights but i've seen some bold driving from these school bus drivers lately.