states i've been to 🛩

and what i think of them.
  1. arizona
    everything is beige. it's super hot. i went in a pool and it felt like a heated pool but that was just because of the weather. they don't have grass, only rocks, probably because the grass will die quickly (i'm pretty sure that's what i was told and that sounds correct.) i would like to go back there again, also because i have family there.
  2. california
    one of my favorite states. just feels like i'm in a dream when i'm there. everything is so nice and pretty.
  3. minnesota
    everything was super clean and laid back in minnesota. my cousins don't even lock their doors there, or maybe they do now, it's been years. bikers ride in the street like cars there and it's really annoying but they look serious about it because they're all dressed up in biking gear, lol. i rode on the rollercoaster in the mall of america, which is fucking huge, and that was fun.
  4. new jersey
    i feel like it's a wannabe new york. i got a burger from mcdonalds there once and they put mustard on it which really freaked me out, lmao.
  5. virginia
    i stopped in virginia on my way to somewhere else. kinda felt trashy. only stopped at a mcdonalds there, lol.
  6. north carolina
    again, only stopped there. why do i feel like it was at a mcdonalds, too? lmao. it seemed really clean there.
  7. south carolina
    i feel like it's very racist there, i don't know. kinda got a southern vibe. i don't know what else to say.
  8. florida
    there's some cool parts of florida and some trashy parts of florida, like daytona beach. i was kinda near miami and it seemed cool but i never got to experience the "real" miami. i forgot which area i went to but the waitresses were fucking stupid. st. augustine is beautiful and such a gem.
  9. new york
    i live here and the city is wonderful but long island is so suburban and there's nothing to do here. the farther east i go, the worst i feel. brooklyn is so cool and was really fun. i really like chelsea and soho. times square is cancer.
  10. tennessee
    went to nashville. it's really cute and country there. i didn't get to explore a lot so that sucked but i had a good time and listened to a lot more country music than i normally would. didn't really hear as many accents as i thought i would. they also put mustard on their burgers, which is weird and i don't like how that's a common thing in different states. had "southern bbq" food, i guess it would be considered and that was fucking amazing & i think about it a lot.
  11. pennsylvania
    used to go here a lot when i was younger, to hershey park and to ski/snowboard with my cousins. nothing really stands out about it, didn't seem that different from new york.