1. forget to answer texts
    i'm so guilty of this. even when i want to be texting that person, i'll just be doing other stuff and forget to reply to them after reading their text.
  2. smoke my e-cig while laying in bed
    i'm using it because i quit smoking and when i smoked, i certainly didn't smoke while laying in bed. i know it's obviously not as harmful as a real cigarette but i'm sure all that nicotine can't be good for me. i gotta chill.
  3. agree to plans and then back out of them
    in my defense, my mood changes a million times in one day. so when i agreed to do something later that night, i could've really been feelin it. but then when it comes around later, i'm most likely exhausted and don't wanna do anything. it makes me feel really guilty.
  4. i don't go out of my way for customers
    i just don't care. but i should have better customer service skills. ok, you know what, most of the time i do... i'll even offer to look in the back for their size, but sometimes, i just won't approach a customer and ask how they are and if they need help because i don't feel like interacting with customers. and i also don't really greet customers who walk in that much anymore because a lot of them just ignore me and that's rude as fuck!!
  5. lay in my bed staring at my phone
    it's bad for my eyes. it's unproductive and i feel super lazy doing it. but i can't stop because there's so much to do on this little device. twitter, instagram, this app, snapchat, tumblr, reddit. the list is endless 😩
  6. stop replying to people on a dating app
    i'm only on 1 right now and i haven't been on it in a few days because i just don't have the energy to get to know someone new and have small talk. i mean, i've been having pretty okay conversations with some people but shit, meeting people is so tiring. or maybe i just get into really unsocial moods a lot.
  7. wait until last minute to start papers
    i just don't want to do it 😩