unpopular opinions, maybe??? i just don't understand these things.
  1. sororities and frats
    you know, i can actually get school spirit (to an extent) because there's some community in it. but sororities and frats... i feel like it's more of a cult than a community. how can you fall in love with your "big" and "little" without even knowing them? why do you give each other paddles? (bdsm, much?) and don't even get me started on what i hear about the hazing processes. also, i feel like they talk so much shit about each other. fuck it, i just hate college culture
  2. bob dylan
    i've really tried, i did. i've tried so hard to listen to him but i just can't. maybe it's his voice? maybe i just like songs with catchy melodies? i guess he's a good writer if he won the nobel prize in literature, but i've tried to listen to him and i just can't do it anymore.
  3. putting your whole life on social media
    seriously, nobody cares. i think it's something about getting validation from others but nobody needs to know what you're doing and thinking about every minute.
  4. why "gay" is still a slur
    okay, this is definitely not an unpopular opinion but seriously? being gay is the fucking best and straight people annoy the shit out of me most of the time, especially when they call someone or describe anything as "gay" as if it's a bad thing. fuckouttahere.
  5. the word "ma'am"
    i never use it and i cringe when people say it, especially if it's directed at me. just replace it with the word "miss", it sounds way nicer and probably makes an older person feel younger. ma'am just sounds so flat and rude.