1. the thrill of getting a tattoo
  2. that moment when the creativity/productive/motivated feeling hits me like a train
  3. smelling good after a shower
  4. when the birds are chirping in the morning
  5. when someone asks me if i wanna get ice cream or get food or literally do anything
    by literally do anything i mean anything BUT shopping because that's boring.
  6. cute girls
    seeing a cute girl makes my day. and if they're super cute, i'll definitely think about them the rest of the day, lmao.
  7. when drivers wave thank you
    there's nothing better than when a driver acknowledges you and thanks you for letting them go.
  8. when drivers let you go
    my favorite people ever. whether you're exiting a gas station or store or whatever, or switching lanes, or you're at a stop sign, these people give you the chance to go first and it makes me happy.
  9. waking up and having the whole day ahead of me
  10. freshly washed sheets
  11. putting on clothes that are still warm from the dryer
  12. finding new music
  13. finding the energy to get up and pee in the middle of the night...
  14. ... and then getting back in bed, comfortably, with more time to sleep!
  15. when people ask me to hangout
  16. when people say "please and thank you"
  17. when people smile and answer you when you say "hi, how are you?"
  18. empty roads
  19. good conversationalists
  20. cats purring
  21. appetizers
    honestly, sometimes they're better than the main course...
  22. playing uno
    i take this shit seriously.
  23. mario kart
    i talk a lot of shit when i play mario kart. i'll curse you out and scream but it's all for the love of the game.
  24. hanging out with my cousins
  25. sunsets
  26. people with very little social media presence
    it's just so refreshing. i happen to be one of those people for some reasons. one, i don't care for posting about my life for other people. two, i don't need that validation. not that people who post on social media need validation but that's kinda why i used to post. i feel like everyone's so caught up in likes and retweets and what not and it's nice to step back from that and realize that it doesn't mean anything at all. it's all so superficial sometimes...
  27. playing pretty chords on the piano
    it feels so good to create something and to sit back and realize that you've actually created something.
  28. feeling appreciated
    such a pleasant, warm feeling to know that someone appreciates you/the things you do.
  29. frozen margaritas
  30. memes
  31. stumbling across old, funny vines
  32. the feeling of getting out of work knowing you don't have to come back tomorrow
  33. my cat following me around everywhere
  34. group chats
  35. when someone texts me first
  36. cracking an egg perfectly into the pan
  37. natural sunlight pouring into my room
  38. taking off my socks in bed and feeling the sheets on my toes
  39. not being woken up from an alarm
  40. when the light is red and you're about to stop but then it turns green, so you keep on cruising
  41. when a good song comes on shuffle while you're driving
  42. walking out of a concert with a sea of people and you're all in a happy daze from what you just experienced together
  43. giving a homeless person money and seeing how thankful they are
  44. saturday morning pancakes
  45. exiting a plane and walking into an airport, relieved that you made it there alive
  46. that moment when you walk up the stairs of penn station and enter the city
  47. waking up in the middle of the night and having a sip of orange juice
  48. delis
  49. the feeling of accomplishment after i brush my teeth
    update: this just happened
  50. being cuddled up in bed, reading interesting things on reddit
  51. the feeling of slowly drifting off into sleep
  52. flirting with cute girls
  53. when customers talk to you like a real person and not just a worker
    it makes small talk so much easier and it's so nice to have casual conversation that doesn't feel forced
  54. guinness
    i'm not a real big beer drinker because it makes me tired and has me running back and forth from the bathroom all night but this doesn't do that and it tastes so good!!!