things i rant about 🍑

I rant about dumb things all the time, dumb and smart and controversial things.
  1. people not using their blinker
    how hard is it? really? it's right by your finger. all you have to do is move your finger a few inches, it really doesn't hurt. and it's nice to signal and let people know what you're doing before you dramatically shift your vehicle into another lane. WHY ARE PEOPLE LIKE THIS? i can't stand it.
  2. not being able to find new music
    it's like writers block but for finding music. i search day and night, everywhere possible. just kidding, only apple music and spotify playlists but i usually come up empty. i just need some new bangers to blast in my car, why is it so hard?!
  3. greys anatomy character deaths
    i'm not gonna post any spoilers but the writers of this show give no fucks. they'll make you fall in love with a character and then write them off like it's nothing. i've cried real tears over this and i still get upset thinking about it (lol)
  4. having no wifi or wifi that's useless
    so many places have free wifi today but every time i try to go on an app, it doesn't connect and i have to turn the wifi off for it to work, which then uses up my data. why is your wifi so shitty?!
  5. loud people
    maybe my ears are just sensitive but everyone around me needs to turn it the fuck down a notch or two. there's no reason to speak loud because now i just think you're an obnoxious person. this also includes people who are just generally loud when they do things, especially when you're trying to sleep. pick up your damn feet and have some respect!
  6. wasting my time on my phone
    how ironic, i rant about wasting my time on my phone.. as i'm here wasting my time on my phone. but i can't help it 😩 and it's not like i don't feel guilty for literally doing nothing productive and staring at a screen, i do. my eyes are going to be so fucked up in the future. and it's so hard to break away from my phone because there's so much stuff to do to keep me entertained.
  7. slow walkers
    slow walkers suck, especially when they're not aware that someone's behind them or they just don't care. like, move to the side please, i got places to be.
  8. rude customers
    i get it, you're shopping, there's some power levels here where you're the customer and you think i have to kiss your ass and be the perfect worker, but it's not like that... they need to realize that i'm a person too, just like them, and when my shift ends, we're back on the same level. so maybe try not to ignore me when i say hi and ask how you are, because you wouldn't do that to someone outside of here, so don't do it to me! it also tells a lot about a persons character.
  9. working on a beautiful day
    it just sucks, man. seeing the sun shining and everyone outside wearing short sleeves and having a good time, but you're stuck inside and can't feel the warmth of the sun. and then on top of that, seeing posts from people spending time outside and enjoying their day in the nice weather. some of the most depressing shit ever, lol.