1. an inground pool
  2. my own personal hair stylist
  3. my own personal makeup artist
  4. my own personal stylist
    so i can wear dope shit and be a fashion god
  5. a house in LA
  6. friends to drive around and smoke weed with
    i used to have that and those were some of the best times.
  7. a cool tattoo
    i have one but i want more. i don't want it to be something shallow. i want something small and interesting and beautiful. i need to put more thought into this.
  8. a cute place in brooklyn
  9. multiple margaritas
    i haven't gotten drunk in so long. i miss it (but i definitely don't miss the hangovers)
  10. new music to play over and over again in my car until i get sick of it
  11. a clear, well thought out idea of what i'm going to be doing with my life in a few years
  12. a friend that won't leave me
  13. peace
  14. a go kart course in my backyard
  15. whiter teeth
  16. to meet paul mccartney
  17. guitar hero