What April Looks Like In My Phone

  1. this mario kart meme
    her screaming face... seeing her face in a speeding car... the dramatic motion blur... it's all too good and relatable. mario kart memes need to rise.
  2. abe lincoln and some weird graffiti
    took this at the end of a boardwalk that had a beautiful view of the water. thought it looked cool. i don't remember what the abe lincoln sticker had written on it but it caught my eye.
  3. this accurate dog meme
    this happens to me often except most of the time, in my mind, it's not misread and my mental breakdown seems valid. so therefore i guess i can usually only relate to the first pic, which goes against the relatable-ness of this meme. o shit.
  4. this picture of a bright red carpet, fuzzy socks i've stolen and claimed from my sister, and my vans that are dirty but this picture doesn't capture that.
    i was in the waiting room of my doctors office. just got blood taken a few minutes before. always thought this carpet was pretty cool. had to capture my cool socks as well.
  5. this picture of "FUCK TRUMP" i wrote in the dirt.
    took a drive by the water one night after getting appetizers with my friend. the dirt looked so clean, i had to spruce it up with a nice message. (bonus: this was also in a predominately white, mildly wealthy neighborhood so i'm sure all the old people who park and chill by the water were upset and triggered by this when they saw it the next day lol)