1. Latisse
    I'm going to figure out how to buy and use it.
  2. Passport renewal :/
  3. Spend more time with my friends
  4. Spend more time with my sister
  5. Care for my Betta fish, which I just got today.
    I made the mistake of going into a Petco with a 13-year-old. We both walked out with Betta fish. I feel like I just signed a mortgage. But he's really cute and alert and brightly colored.
  6. Give away items I don't need or use
  7. Write more poems
  8. Compile poems into a manuscript
  9. Timely oil changes
    Timely enough so that I don't give myself a panic attack when the mechanic asks me the date of my last oil change.
  10. Buy an old school iPod on ebay
  11. Vacuum more frequently
  12. Start running again
  13. Wash and iron my curtains
  14. Maybe start cooking/baking again
  15. Subscribe to weekly paper periodicals
  16. Read those periodicals
  17. Take more pictures
  18. Keep my car cleaner
  19. Enjoy time with my parents
    Because "It's not dark yet, but it's getting there." --Bob Dylan
  20. Maybe start dating again
    I don't feel much urgency on this point.
  21. Clean up the little clump of cat vomit that's been hanging out in the corner of an otherwise empty room
  22. Watch Donald Trump withdraw from the race voluntarily and while he still has the lead