1. August and Everything After
    Really pretty lyrics and music. I was 12 when it came out.
  2. The Wall
    My family would always tell TIME TO GO from all corners of the house before leaving, en masse, for something.
  3. Selling the Drama
    My brother Sam would openly mock me for listening to this constantly.
  4. Tapestry
    I went to Hawaii with this really cheap boyfriend. Radio stations suck in Hawaii, so he sent me into a Costco (?) for some music. He'd insisted for the three days prior to that that we only eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. So I walked out of Costco with a Carole King box set. One disc was a straight-up kids' cd. Anyway that's how I met Carole. Adam was ok with it because Tapestry is just so damn good.
  5. Love Songs and Negotiations
    I actually learned about being a human being from this cd. Sometimes I'll feel a certain kind of joy or (emotional) pain, and I'll be like, ah yes, Paul foretold this.
  6. Best of Queen
    My sister.