1. Oh man, these moderators are smug.
  2. Rand Paul brought up the Fed. Drink!
  3. Carson damnit. You're pleasant but I want you gone.
  4. Oh trump he sure can work an audience. Executive order slam on Obama. Legitimate burn.
  5. Jeb it just isn't going to happen for you ok
  6. Kasich slammed Trump, and Trump was all, hey the only reason Ohio is doing well is due to money from fracking. Legitimate burn?
  7. Kasich is like oh hell no.
  8. Oh good they are all yelling.
  9. I miss the liberal moderators at times like this.
  10. Immigration talk from Jeb. Also, he's like hey the Clinton campaign is listening.
    I love when they reference the Clinton campaign like this.
  11. Rubio. I like you but you can't outlaw abortion, and it kind of seems like you would at least try to.
  12. Where is Christie DAMN IT.
  13. Cruz get back to Congress immediately. You will never be president.
  14. I don't know about Fiorina yet.
  15. That bald moderator was just like, no commercial break for you, and then finished a question that led to discussion of currency manipulation and China.
  16. Fiorina, nice burn on Trump re: you've actually met Putin and not in a green room.
  17. Trump just tried to burn Fiorina and referred to her as a pejorative "she."
  18. I don't know enough about foreign policy to comment on it. Maybe there's a lesson there.
  19. Aaaand my computer crashed.
  20. Ok. They are all talking about the Fed and interest rates. I don't understand why we left the gold standard. But I don't understand economics enough, either. Hi.
  21. Kasich says banks should be limited so that they don't want to take risky endeavors.
  22. Oh he gets booed.