1. There was a mirror on every wall, and my mom was yelling at me from another room about a photograph
  2. Swingset, very tall, with a kid, and the kid was going around and around
  3. Every tree on the farm fell down, and you found a large rock, the size of the toaster, and there was quartz on its surface. You put it down, and you couldn't find it again
  4. I was jumping and jumping, and each time I got higher and remained in the air longer until I was flying
  5. I bought you a pair of blue shorts. They were too short but you didn't mind.
  6. I was suddenly naked in the breakroom and it was so embarrassing
  7. We were walking down the steps, all together, and it was like a black-and-white movie. There were candelabras
  8. I bought all of the shirts in the store but I couldn't carry them all out and I started to cry
  9. I was cutting your hair and I couldn't get it right
  10. This isn't a dream but one of the first poems written by someone I knew ended with the line, "When we return, there will be nothing left to dream."
    He was flying to Peru.
  11. Someone in the basement kept calling and calling the landline