1. In my comments section.
  2. I'm sorry for that.
  3. But I don't want to be schooled.
  4. And I'm not going to pander.
  5. People are actually deactivating their accounts.
  6. I mean, I'm already a woman. But I would like to think that if I were a person of color, I would be like, wow these white people really suck up so they look nice.
  7. I don't mean to undermine the good sentiment.
  8. But I feel like a lot of the response to this social justice stuff is really just highly choreographed monologues.
  9. That makes me wary. It does not inspire me.
  10. But apparently, I'm an outlier.
  11. I guess I just don't give a fuck about what Kim Kardashian does, nor do I feel the need to wax poetically about it and insult and castigate other people who feel differently.
  12. People are leaving this community.
  13. I know I don't feel good about that.