1. I would classify this as the commodities section of the grocery purchase.
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  2. Cupboard stuff, ahoy!
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  3. Sorry, Reese.
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  4. My fav fridge row.
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  5. I have a septic issue. If you don't have a septic tank, disregard this bullet. But just know that I'm not trying to like murder someone and then clean it up. I also use rags as much as I can instead of paper towels, so that requires a lot of bleach.
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  6. Mountain spring for life.
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  7. No, guys, I eat vegetables.
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    Notice how the fridge ones are all awkwardly angled because I don't want you to see how dirty my fridge is.
  8. Interesting fact: It's supposed to be a superb year for apples in Western Pennsylvania. Something to do with heavy rain in the late spring and early summer, and no rain in the mid to late summer.
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  9. Least favorite purchase. And I say that even though the bleach was incredibly heavy.
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  10. I also bought some gin bc hey it's December.
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