We did inventory this week, which means we counted all the merchandise in the store. Today, a bunch of people from an outside company came in to count everything again and to make sure that the numbers all matched. These people are usually a little offbeat.
  1. When I first arrived at the store and walked by my manager, she stage-whispered, "ELIZABETH! ELIZABETH! IT'S LIKE I TOLD YOU: THERE'S ALWAYS ONE."
  2. I stopped and Gena pointed to a woman who was standing *an arm's length from both of us*.
  3. (I had no idea what Gena was talking about, to be clear.)
  4. I kept moving. Gena caught up with me in the stockroom.
  5. "I had to come back here and pray that the Lord would put hands on her so that she would figure out how to do her job."
  6. I spent the next few hours counting clothing on the racks (third time these garments were counted, if anyone's keeping tabs) and tucking in the price tags.
  7. About halfway through the store, I started tucking the tags first and then counting the garments.
  8. I announced this to my manager she walked by.
  9. Without breaking stride, she said, gum cracking, "Yeah, yeah, I get it. Gotta 'keep it interesting.'"
  10. And those were the two best things that happened at work today.