1. Card dealer in Vegas
    Not only would I get fired, I might get shot.
  2. Accountant
  3. Miner
    😬poor miners
  4. Children's dance instructor
    Or choreographer
  5. Maker of chicken-fried steak
    (It's under the grease gravy)
  6. Dog walker
    Lotta dogs to keep track of
  7. Fish and game warden
    My take on this is unique, though. My mother sends the game warden letters written in overly large script, with intentional misspellings. (She has a farm that people hunt on.)
  8. Therapist
    My dad says I should go back to school to be a therapist. I don't think I would be good at it. Issues I might have include getting frustrated with clients?
  9. Acrobat
  10. Activewear model
  11. Data entry
    Jk I don't mind this
  12. Machinist(?)
  13. Travel guide
    "Biz, what's that?" "Uh something local."