1. I made a list of things I have to remember and a list of things I want to forget, but I see they are the same list.
    "Lists," Linda Pastan
  2. I have a friend who still believes in heaven. Not a stupid person, yet with all she knows, she literally talks to god.
    "Celestial Music," Louise Gluck
  3. The dog says, "Let's go downtown and get crazy drunk. Let's tip over all the trash cans we can find." This is how dogs deal with the prospect of change.
    "How to Like It," Stephen Dobyns
  4. I was the well that fed the lake that met the sea in which I sang abide with me.
    "Morning Swim," Maxine Kumin
  5. I did what a child does when he's given something to keep. I kissed my father.
    "The Gift," Li-Young Lee
  6. But for this life I need a squirrel, his clawed feet spread, his whole soul quivering, the hot wind rushing through his hair...
    "I Remember Galileo," Gerald Stern