We're going to look at houses. (My friends are thinking of buying.) Please join me and my growing concern for the Los Angeles real estate market.
  1. Ok I don't think I can live list the housing thing bc the poor people are getting shoved out of $200,000 houses, and, once renovated, these houses are selling for $600,000.
  2. Hello?
  3. They are getting chippy with each other.
  4. That first house was really nice. 640,000. :O
    I would wake in the night screaming.
  5. This is a little stressful.
  6. Bungalow time!
  7. Jefferson park. Near usc.
  8. I just asked why the living room windows were painted shut.
  9. They basically asked me to go to the front porch
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  10. Under pressure is playing on a nearby radio.
  11. Sometimes I think a couple is fighting, but they're not actually fighting.
  12. Drive
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  13. Bri
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  14. "Everyone why are there so many cars. Just walk." (Said from inside car, while laughing.)
  15. La Brea is a pretty name.
  16. "Heavy as balls. Balls hot. 10 ways to use the word balls." (They're onto me.)
  17. We are going to Sur?!
  18. No we didn't go to Sur.
  19. Sunday night and oldies music on cable.
  20. Lights from the little Christmas tree.
  21. "Good news. My hiccups went away. Nobody has to hold my ears."
  22. Wii bowling. "A SPARE WILL WIN."
  23. Bri just served it up hot to Gavin.
  24. "Thanks everyone. Thank you."
  25. "Stop saying 'yup.'" (After you get a strike, said to Gavin.)
  26. "This is balls close."
  27. "I knew it in high school as one in the pink, one in the stink. But it is two in the pink. I was wrong."
  28. I bowled and I played tennis.
  29. We all went to bed early that night.