1. Why would that make me mad?
  2. Because the last year we were together, he threatened me and said he put spyware on my cell phone. (Unless there were another person around, and then he would deny it.)
  3. Then, before I left him, he told me he would watch me for the rest of my life.
  4. The real problem of the marriage was that we were both taking too much Adderall.
  5. But on his side, I think he just told everyone I was crazy. I couldn't "hang" in a house with one hundred Adderall in it at all times.
  6. So I've been gone for like two years. I was waiting to hear that he had moved on. And I never heard it. So I thought, he must still be all crazy.
  7. But apparently he had instructed everyone not to tell me. He probably said that I couldn't handle knowing. But it was that he knew I was afraid of him and he knew I would have more trouble moving on if I knew he hadn't.
  8. I still have things in that house, including my old cat, and I'll never see her again.
  9. I angrily texted him last night at like 2 AM.
  10. In a turn that even surprised me, I spent some time insulting his new wife. And her Pinterest page.
  11. Good luck to her, though?