Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. This is someone else's greatest regret that had an impact on me.
  2. I used to work at this place, and there was a super brilliant redheaded woman who worked with me. She was a few years younger than I was.
  3. Our team leader was my age. She was a cold fish. But she adored the redhead. She would just like gaze at her. In fact, everyone loved the redhead. She exuded this strength of character that was just impossible not to notice.
  4. Anyway, one time I was behind the redhead and my team leader in line for something.
  5. The redhead said that when she was 10 years old, her mother asked her if she wanted to try out to be the lead in the musical Annie. She had refused. Then she looked up at our team leader and said, "That's my greatest regret."
  6. I had never heard someone volunteer a regret like that before. And I saw that her being able to admit it only made my team leader respect her more. I kind of carry that story around with me as a reminder that recognizing and sharing a weakness can be an indication of strength.