1. Bob, who has adopted or fostered more than 20 children
  2. Jenny, my nemesis but also, when we get into the swing of things, good friend
  3. The guy who used to date Jennifer Garner. Matt?
  4. Glenda from shipping, who is best friends with Renee, and I'm still not sure what she does, but it's important, and she's been with the company almost 30 yizzears
  5. John the Baptist, who is so moody but so good and the head sales guy
  6. Lori, who keeps surviving cancer and wholeheartedly loves spreadsheets and manufacturing
  7. Bonnie, who really loves Lord of the Rings and pewter-and-crystal trinkets
  8. Bobbie, who has to constantly say to people on the phone, "Bobby, like a boy, but B-o-b-b-i-e"