My thoughts.
  1. Trump is complaining about how he was treated during the first debate?
  2. Carson went with a pinstripe.
  3. Does Cruz talk to his wife like this. Weird, condescending tone.
  4. Trump wants wall issue as a wedge issue, Jeb Bush
  5. Supreme desire of refugees is to be settled back in their own countries, Ben Carson
  6. Jeb Bush could have the most pristine, perfect point, and he would bungle the delivery of it to the point that nobody would know what he was talking about until eight seconds after he had finished speaking
  7. We can get illegal immigration under control, says Rubio.
  8. Greatest threat to our national security is our debt, Rand Paul
  9. For the last six months I've been a politician, Donald Trump
  10. I've always wanted Christie or Rubio to be the next president. That hasn't changed. Rubio has a better chance. And he'll be able to stem the tide of Hispanics registering as Democrats.
  11. Sometimes I don't think Trump has the numbers we are being led to believe he has. And if some of the other obviously unviable candidates would drop out of the race, the numbers would correct, and Trump's lead would diminish.
  12. When he's talking about how they should shut down "parts of the Internet," and everyone's laughing at him, I think hey guys what the f*ck are you laughing about. Social media has become a huge problem when it comes to ISIS. How can we not handle that in a reasonable, constitutionally friendly way. Why are we acting like such weak-kneed gentlemen.
  13. And Rand Paul basically wants to nullify important government surveillance of Americans. There's a reason that there were no terror attacks post 9/11. It's called the patriot act. This is coming from someone who has voted libertarian in the last three presidential elections. I love the patriot act.
  14. So Randy wants to void the ability for the government to monitor us and then blames Rubio for supporting immigration and says that's what has allowed for terrorism in the homeland. And he's not totally wrong I guess. Regardless, I don't like how he attacked Rubio or Christie. It's easier to attack when you're not one of the frontrunners.
  15. Germany took in 1 million refugees this year. 1 million. If you think we're only getting 10,000, you are incorrect. It's only the beginning.