1. I was dating this guy, Ryan, and I went to see him for a weekend at Penn State.
  2. Ryan lived in a two-bedroom apartment that housed six men.
  3. One night, we had been out with the bunch and retired early. We were awoken at 3 AM to a distinctly and particularly loud voice.
  4. "Ryan and Biz to the living room. Ryan and Biz to the living room."
  5. It turns out, the other five roommates had stolen a karaoke machine.
  6. So we went out. And, because we didn't have any visual aids, people would take turns getting up and singing different songs, off the cuff.
  7. This went on for a while until two girls walked by the open door of the apartment.
  8. The guys were like, come on in and come on in, sing a song.
  9. And, I'm not even kidding you, they came in without breaking a smile, grabbed the mic, and launched into a comprehensive a cappella version of Proud Mary that put us all to shame.
  10. Like, they hadn't even discussed it first.
  11. They just knew they were going to sing Proud Mary.
  12. That's my much-more-pleasant list for today😬