1. The time my roommate laughed at danger is the first thing that came to mind.
  2. My three friends and I lived in a dilapidated house just off campus.
  3. Everything about the house was wonky or broken.
  4. A few months into the living there, Molly flushed the upstairs toilet and 2 gallons of water gushed through the ceiling, into the entryway downstairs.
  5. Katie and I saw it. I started panicking. I was like, they're going to charge us for this. Ahhhhh. We've got to call the landlord. (Couldn't reach him.)
  6. But when Ericka got back from lab, we re-created the scenario.
  7. As soon as the toilet was flushed, water gushed from the ceiling.
  8. Ericka threw her head back and laughed.
  9. And it never happened again.