1. Around 1998, a group of guys I know began what they referred to as "list."
  2. It was a group email that included about twenty people.
  3. They would "reply to all" all day, every day, with really dumb, boring stories and inside jokes. Like, not funny, not interesting. Just veiled references to high school teachers and college sports. Oh and a LOT of talk about Subway as they all worked there.
  4. Email was relatively new, and spam/block features hadn't really been developed.
  5. Aside from the original five guys who created list and a few of their girlfriends, *no one wanted to be on list*.
  6. After a few months, the guys started including random people, including famous people, public figures, and elected officials, onto list.
  7. For instance, several managers of basketball and football teams, a few state senators, some famous radio personalities, and at least one actor. God knows how they got the email addresses, but once they did, those people were on list, like it or not.
  8. It got to the point that there were easily over one hundred people on list.
  9. People would literally beg to be taken off.
  10. The guys would say, "ok, ok, just reply to all with....and we'll take you off."
  11. Sometimes it was a random word, sometimes it was a sequence of numbers, sometimes a personal anecdote.
  12. The person was never unsubscribed.
  13. It should be noted that one of these gentleman eventually created a MySpace page for the NSA.