Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. I dated this guy over the summer.
  2. Our second date was pretty weird.
  3. I drove down to Pittsburgh, and we went to see some live music. He got so drunk that he had to go throw up like four separate times. And he would just lie on the bathroom floor for like 20 minutes each time.
  4. I think he was nervous? But then I had to drive him home because he was so drunk. And I was in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, and I'm not familiar with that area at all. So I was like, I'll sleep on your couch, and then I'll take you to get your car tomorrow.
  5. Anyway I did sleep in bed with him. Fully clothed. He was snoring a lot. And I wanted to die. Halfway through the night he rolled over and started kissing me.
  6. I hadnt kissed anybody since the divorce. So I was like, ok.
  7. Then I dated him for three months.
  8. It was hard to dictate that last line because I was laughing so hard as I said it.
  9. (He was a nice guy.)