1. That time we had to adios a car in the American Southwest.
    I'll make a separate list about this, at some point.
  2. All of the parties that we threw in grad school, during which we would make all attendees play Taboo until we said they could stop playing Taboo.
  3. My behavior at the wedding reception of our first mutual friend who got married.
    I lost my shoes, bummed a cigarette off of a homeless person, and paid for a cab ride with a personal check. This is over 10 years ago, in my defense.
  4. The last time she came to visit me when I lived in Florida and was still married.
    As I was dropping her off at the airport, she said, "I'm going to see you at least once every two months from now on."
  5. My rehearsal dinner. She remembers my approaching her and saying that my betrothed had just called me a bitch.
    She says that after I told her, we both threw our heads back and laughed. In the spirit of, it's too late now.
  6. That time we impaired ourselves with marijuana and then went to see the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
    We thought we were sitting in the back row, but we were actually in the row behind the back row where all the mops and cleaning supplies were. And we couldn't figure out how to get out because it was so dark. So we just sat on the floor back there for a bit. This was a loooong time ago.