Requested by @kellydehoop
Thanks for the list request, Kelly ❤️
  1. I'm sincere
  2. I'm funny
    Admittedly though, sometimes when people laugh the hardest at something I say or write, I won't have been trying to be funny at all. Like, I'll have just been trying to communicate. But that's fun in its own way, I guess.
  3. I try to be honest with myself and others
    Lies of omission are one thing. Lies to spare someone's feelings, ok. But I've reached the point where I'll generally stay quiet before I say something that I know isn't true. (This stems from el divorce, in large part.)
  4. I'm really good at selling stuff (retail)
    I sold 10 grand of dresses in one month. At a country outlet mall store. I love that.
  5. I try to avoid passive aggression
    It's social poison. For a long time, passive aggression was so engrained in me that I didn't understand what it was. But I have a better handle on it now. And I really really try to avoid it. I try to avoid caustic sarcasm, too.
  6. I am generally happy with my creative and work writing
  7. I (generally) don't mind speaking my mind
  8. I (generally) don't mind when other people speak theirs
  9. Quirky syntax
  10. I went through a spectacularly brutal divorce, but I'm alive and well
  11. When I apologize, I mean it