Under the heading of "Distractions."
  1. I'm fine with anything you have on hand.
  2. A used book?
  3. A scarf you hate?
    I've never met a scarf I didn't like.
  4. An assortment of sample paint swatches from Home Depot?
    Your favorite colors or the colors you wish the walls in your home were painted?
  5. A Bed, Bath, and Beyond 20% off total purchase coupon?
    A girl can dream...
  6. A copy of your favorite poem or recipe?
  7. A note introducing yourself?
  8. A pen sketch of a wall in your living room?
  9. A story about your mom?
  10. A pack of gum?
  11. A rock?
    I collect rocks.
  12. Anything, really.
  13. xoxo
  14. (thank you ❤️)