1. Funny twitter
    This is self-explanatory, really. Funny Twitter is the best. It makes your day worth having.
  2. News Twitter
    Following news outlets on Twitter is awesome. It's a great way to keep up with current events, as well as to log, via favorites, articles you find interesting/want to revisit.
  3. Journalist twitter
    Journalist Twitter is very, very fun because they use Twitter as a platform to communicate with each other. The best part is that you can talk to them all day, and they will totally ignore you. It's weirdly cathartic. Like political/current events therapy?
  4. Inspirational Twitter
    People tweeting encouraging, positive takes on life. I am, more often than not, inspired by inspirational Twitter.
  5. Sex Twitter
    Compelling unless it veers into Weird Sex Twitter.
  6. Romantic Twitter
    People tweeting things about love and relationships. Romantic Twitter can make me kind of uncomfortable. But not as uncomfortable as Weird Sex Twitter.
  7. Weird Sex Twitter
    Dominatrix stuff. Sadomasochistic stuff. Masochistic stuff. Dominant/submissive stuff. It's all there.