1. Here and now.
  2. In a chair, on your couch, in the car.
  3. Standing on a sidewalk, exiting a building, stepping out onto the street.
  4. Maybe you're grateful. Maybe you're angry. Maybe you're tired.
  5. Within your chest is your heart, beating.
  6. Within your skull is your mind, and within your mind are your stories.
  7. You share them or you keep them.
  8. Maybe there are children around, and so you care for them.
  9. Maybe you are in the hurricane of a relationship, and you bend and you sway in time with another.
  10. And maybe you are alone, having striven to be so.
  11. Or you are alone, and you suffer.
  12. Or you are sleeping, which is maybe the best place.
  13. In a moment, a minute, an hour,
  14. will you look back?
  15. Or will you only step and step and step into what is next.