1. Faulkner
  2. Because, not so much when you read Shakespeare, but when you hear it being performed, you will, by the end of a line, somehow understand exactly what the character has said
  3. And the only other time I've encountered that is in reading Faulkner
  4. I try to read one of his books every summer
  5. My friend had a professor who grew up next-door to William Faulkner
  6. Everyone in the neighborhood called him Billy
  7. And for the neighborhood kids' birthdays, he would give them a hound dog puppy, which he raised
  8. Professor Margaret Love recalled how, on her birthday, he took a few puppies out and made them run for her
  9. He said, You have to make sure you choose one that runs straight
  10. The first book I read was Light in August
  11. They do run together
  12. Oh it's worth overlooking the racial overtones of the time period. If you like reading.