Some movies I see and I'm like, "What was that?" Then later I'm all, "oh that's what that was, I get it!" Now I finally get it!
  1. Contact - a cool film about the cosmos. Or is it? Yes, it is! Jodie Foster goes on a crazy Ferris wheel ride after Gary Busey Jr
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  2. Interstellar - sequel to Contact. Jodie Foster's character, Jodie, has reduced Earth to dust by making spaceships illegal, so her ex-bf Matthew flies to space to find her.
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  3. Elysium - not as good as the other two, but I included it because of featuring Jodie foster and another Matthew. This time Damon. It's Matt Damon.
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  4. Taxi Driver - I only saw it once, but I bet if I watched it again now I would like it more, especially with my huge crush on young Cybill Shepherd
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  5. Moonlighting - a magical TV movie
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  6. Gary Busey Jr
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