Look up the word thesaurus on the thesaurus there's no other word for it you're a synonym
  1. Homonym
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    A homonym is a word that sounds like synonym. They also mean the same thing
  2. Synonym
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    Synonym is a synonym for synonym
  3. Homophone
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    Homophone is a word that sounds like homophone but is a synonym for synonym
  4. Eureka
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    Eureka is a euphemism meaning more or less synonym
  5. Cinnamon
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    Cinnamon is a synonym for cinnamon. I mean synonym. Synonym is a cinnamon for synonym. You know gat I mean
  6. 6am
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    This is a time of day when it is now, which is a synonym for saying sleepy me care less about words more about hot xynmolin before zzzzz oh no I thinks I dozed off for one hot sec during my esoteric interpretation of zz happy new year!
  7. zzzzzzz
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    Zzzzzz is a synonym for Zzzzzz
  8. Happy New Year!
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    Is it the new year? This is a synonym I say whenever I wake up in case j slept too long
  9. Gary Busey Jr
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