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  1. Store brand coconut scented suntan lotion at a beach on a hot day
  2. Foyer at Chateau Marmont
  3. Your crush's t-shirt
  1. Papa Smurf once sighed "aahhhh... a fresh bar of soap" in the bathtub. That was the first time it occurred to me that might be a luxury. I think of that every time I have a fresh bar of soap
  1. Long lunch at Jitlada
  2. Turned the corner on the introduction I'm writing for one of my favorite books ever, Candy
  3. Nice modest run
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  1. You can adjust Waze to say street names out loud
  2. If there's a too-long non-fiction book you want to read, search the author's name in Podcasts. You can likely find a 45-minute summary by the author that way.
  3. Pack a HUGE suitcase and just check the baggage. While packing compactly is satisfying on the way there, it's terribly annoying on the return. Just throw it all in there.
  1. 1.
    OJ Simpson: Made in America
  2. 2.
    Nathan For You
  3. 3.
    The Grinder
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  1. At Starbucks I ordered a venti Pike Place coffee. Usually they don't ask my name for just a coffee but the guy did. I don't love giving my name so I said my name was Pike. Boy, did he get a kick out that.